gambar lama sebenarnya ni. try tanam capsicum dari buah yg beli kat market. tgk kat forum Cari org tanam cantik je, aku pun try gak. tapi tak dpt nak rasa capsicum yg tanam sendiri sbb dah busuk. tak sempat masak. kena ulat kot. nak kena balut agaknya buah cili ni. tp mcm pelik lak nak balut2 bagai. haaa....lagi satu, ni mesti ayam yg patuk. ayam kat rumah ni suka makan cili. cili api mak tanam habis jadi habuan ayam. langsung tak dpt merasa hasilnya.

pape pun, alhamdullilah, percubaan pertama menjadi. geram2 tgk buah dia besar dan bulat2 tu. klu masak kaler merah mesti cantik berkilat.

sume pun end up mcm ni. lps ni aku ingat nak tnm yg kaler kuning plak. td dah beli, so blh lah semaikan nnt. aku suka mkn yg kaler kuning tu mentah2. manis. byk juga khasiat capsicum ni dr sudut kesihatan.

Capsicum Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Capsicum

Known by different names and available in a variety of bright colors, capsicum originated in Tropical America though it is now available all across the world.

Also known as bell pepper, pepper, jalapeno and chili, the capsicum is rich in beta carotene, capsaicin and vitamins A and C, which are good for preventing a host of diseases, including live disease and impotency. This tangy vegetable is not only used for its medicinal properties, but the strong, spicy flavor is a great culinary ingredient.

Chopped into narrow slices, this vegetable tastes great as pizza topping, can be cooked into curries and can be used as seasoning.

Capsicum Health Benefits:

Capsicum is great for metabolism. The nutrients in these tangy vegetables lower triglycerides in the fat deposits in blood corpuscles. 

  • This not only burns extra calories, but also energizes the metabolism.
  • A rich source of vitamin A and C, capsicum also has antioxidant properties. These antioxidants combat the free radicals in the body and treat cardiac diseases, cataract, bronchial asthma and osteoarthritis. The vegetable prevents the damage that can be rendered on the body by free radicals, namely, cellular damage and damage to blood vessels and nerves.
  • The capsaicin compound in capsicum can block the transmission of pain to the spinal cord from the skin. Thus, including capsicum in meals is good for those undergoing post-operative amputation trauma and herpes.
  • The same compound, capsaicin is believed to prevent cancer. This compound prevents carcinogens from mixing with the DNA. Studies and research also shows that capsicum has cancer-preventing properties.
  • Capsicum has blood clotting properties. 
  • Vitamin C in capsicum can melt away the blood clots.
  • Capsaicin in capsicum can combat food-borne bacteria from affecting the body.
  • Capsicum is also used to make a kind of cream, which is used to treat arthritis and shingles.
  • Capsicum is also said to aid digestion by increasing stomach secretions. It is also known for its laxative qualities.
  • Capsicum is also used to treat chronic rhinitis.
  • Low in fat, cholesterol and calories, capsicum is so much more than just a flavoring agent.
  • Capsicum extract and capsicum seeds are used for Oleoresin Capsicum or capsicum oleoresin spray. It is a pepper spray with a lachrymatory agent that can irritate the eyes and can cause temporary blindness. This spray is used by the police for mob control and by women as a personal self-defence tool.
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